Simply Wash, Rinse, and Go.

This is great way to save time, and, avoid touching delicate surfaces (Like Automotive Finishes) whilst getting the best result possible.

PUREWASH is perfect for the Avid Detailer, Home DIY Enthusiast, Professional Window Cleaner, or even Automotive Dealership.


NZ MADE - Local Parts and Service.

GREEN - Zero environmental Impact. No Soap Required.

TIME SAVING - As simple as vacuuming. No special skills required. Clean anytime, even in direct sunlight. Windows/Surfaces stay clean for longer as there is no residue or soap left behind to attract the dirt.

SAFER - Operator can safely clean glass from the ground up to 7 stories using light telescopic poles. No ladders or elevated platforms needed. By using angle adapters and extensions, windows that were once thought impossible to access can now be cleaned from the ground on site or at home.

LOW COST - From as little as $1 per hour running costs to produce on demand, spot-free water. Thats a-lot of cleaning!

PUREWASH™ - Spot-free cleaning systems designed and manufactured in New Zealand for cleaning windows, boats, cars and much more. The system filters all mineral content out of the water. By purifying the water, the operator can clean the surface and rinse the suspended dirt and solids clean. The result is clear - the evaporated water dries without minerals left behind to dry on the surface. No squeegees or any other drying is required to have a clear spotless finish. It's the smarter, safer, greener way to clean.