Beginning in 2013, PUREWASH™ has Designed and Developed complete "Spot Free" Cleaning Systems and Window Cleaning equipment for the Professional Window Cleaner and the DIY home user. Over the years we have tested numerous machines and parts on the job cleaning high rise buildings and homes throughout New Zealand to finalise our development. The end result gives the user robust "Spot Free" Window Cleaning equipment systems as well as the best quality Carbon Fibre Poles in the world to reach over 7 levels from the safety of the ground.  We are Passionate about providing Simple and Green Cleaning Solutions, as well as products and equipment that can be utilised by the unskilled user to maintain Buildings, Homes, Vehicles, Watercraft, and Much More risk-free.

"We love our planet and its environment, so much so, that we believe that there is a solution in delivering sustainable and safe cleaning methods to the professional and home user. Love or hate cleaning, we can help make it an easier task.” Simon Stavrou - Managing Director.