Ben Ireland - Bowden's Own - Purewash

Back in July 2021 Ben Ireland, Alongside Bowden's Own NZ, held a Detailing Clinic just a couple of days after we installed a Static Dealer/Detailer Purewash System. We also installed a 20m Retractable Water Blaster Reel to polish it off making water blasting anything within the vicinity easy and efficient. Ben's system also features a bypass so Pure Water could be saved when not needed for the likes of 'Grunt Work' I.E Wheels, Wheel Wells, and Driveways.

Here's some photos of Ben's awesome set up, action shots from the day, and what ben had to say.

"Today I hosted my first ever detailing 101 clinic in partnership with Bowdens Own NZ. The weather wasn’t great but we had a fantastic turn out of detailing professionals, weekend detailers and car enthusiasts! Thanks to everyone that came along and supported my detailing clinic! I can’t wait to host more in summer." - Ben Ireland.

"For those of you who have been messaging me about my water system set up here it is. My whole house water goes through the two blue tanks which means every tap in my house including the showers etc is filtered drinkable water. The garden hose and water blaster hose reel is connected to the Pure Wash NZ deionizing water tank which means when im detailing a vehicle I can leave the water sitting on the vehicle and not worry about water spotting as it removes all minerals from the water. Im so happy with the install and set up and this will speed up my detailing time! Thanks to Pure Wash NZ and United Car Care!" - Ben Ireland.